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In addition to the GOLD and SILVER STAMPS you earn at participating stores, earn BONUS DIAMOND STAMPS by visiting our PREMIUM MERCHANTS and redeem it for even more rewards!

Diamond Stamp Terms and Conditions:

  • - One Diamond Stamp is earned per favourite friend on Ferret Card (maximum 5) per transaction at a Premium Listing store
  • - One Diamond Stamp is earned whenever your friend who has added you as a favourite friend visits a Premium Listing store
  • - Maximum 5 Diamond Stamps per day per merchant
  • - Maximum 30 Diamond Stamps per day (regardless of how they were earned)
  • - Company reserves right to deny Diamond Stamp redemption upon suspicion of user attempting to fraudulently earn Diamond Stamps for redemption
  • - Company reserves the right to change prizes and redemption values at any time, without prior notice
  • - User's Diamond Stamp balance will expire if user has not visited any Ferret Card merchant in 6 months
  • - Diamond Stamps are not exchangeable for cash or transferable to other parties


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