Last updated: 15/12/11

Sharing on Ferret Card

As a simple guide, this document will explain how your personal information is shared on Ferret Card, and what the default settings are.

Your Transactions

You may nominate up to 5 of your Facebook friends to earn Silver Stamps whenever you earn Gold Stamps from merchants. Nobody else on Ferret Card (including your friends or merchants) will know which merchants you have visited on Ferret Card

Your Rewards, Specials and Favourites

Whenever you grab a special, redeem a reward or special, or nominate a store as your Favourite, Ferret Card's default setting is to publish that on your friend's news feed inside their Ferret Card account.

You may change these settings inside your profile settings, and choose not to share this information.

Whenever you redeem a reward or special with a merchant, that merchant will only know that you have that reward or special available to redeem, and whether or not you have selected that store as your Favourite. No other personal information is shared with the merchant.

Your Friends List

Nobody on Ferret Card will have access to your Facebook friends list. However, your friends list will be visible to your friends on Facebook as per your Facebook settings, and may be visible to others as per your Facebook account settings.

Your Name

Merchants will see your name when you are earning Gold Stamps from that merchant, or are redeeming stamps, rewards or specials.

Your Personal Profile

Whenever you earn Gold Stamps from a merchant, your personal information will be used to compile a report for that merchant. You will not be identified personally by name in those reports, and your information will only appear in aggregate together with the information of all that merchant's other customers.

Additionally, merchants are unable to access customer reports until they have had at least 10 Ferret Card customers visiting their business. This is to further ensure your anonymity.

i.e: The merchant may wish to know the average age of their customers. Your age will be used to help determine this figure, but will only be provided as a compiled statistic together with the information of all other customers.

Contact Info

No contact information is shared via Ferret Card, either to your friends or merchants.

Please note that your friends list on Ferret Card is the same as your friends list on Facebook. Contact information held by Facebook is shared to your Facebook friends as per your Facebook account settings.